Back in the spring of 2003, murders were being committed all with the same MO. There was never any witnesses, the bodies were always found in discrete spots. The victim would rapped killed, then cut open with, organs and limbs missing.

All the victims are all white female's, thin, pretty, long black hair and in their 20's-30's. The victims would be found at all times of the day and night. Some times by homeless people, or other civilians.

The only thing the police had to, go on to catch the killer or killers. Was a large smiley face .AVI in victims blood near the body. The police think its just a, the killer or killers taunting them. They didn't put much thought in to it.

Until they got reports of videos on you tube, showing woman being rapped, killed then having limbs and organs removed, but the man on camera is in all, in black and his face covered. He had no visible markings, and his ethnic origins can not be determined.

The camera man was never seen in the video, he just moved around and recorded.

The killers still haven't been court, they still truant the police. They are still committing the murders, the only thing that has changed is. They will kill anyone and every one of their choice.